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Bossing It: Joey O’Hare & Katy Taylor from Food with Time

Throughout lockdown, I’ve been LOVING Joey & Katy from Food with Time‘s gorgeous vegcentric videos, food tips and recipes. Their refreshing gazpacho recipe recently went down a storm at our house. George’s Mum even messaged asking for the recipe. Winner! I met Joey over three years ago when we did a supper club together and have remained close friends since.

I was excited to catch up with Joey and Katy about everything from Food with Time to what they’re looking forward to once lockdown is fully lifted…

For those that do not know you, in a couple of sentences tell me a bit about you both. What do you do and WHY do you do it?
We joke that I work in human food (Head of Development at allplants), and Katy works in pet food (Lead in Sales at Lily’s Kitchen). Katy is an animal lover through and through and is passionate about pets and their owners living happier lives through the best nutrition. Similarly, my interest in healthy living and sustainability led me down a path to vegcentric and vegan food.

We both have to taste test at work (!!); while Roo (our cavapoo) is less interested in chickpeas etc he helps Katy with most, but not all, of her tasting duties! 

Joey & Katy
Joey, Katy & Roo

You both have full-time roles outside of Food With Time, what’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced since you started the site and how did you overcome it? 
It’s ironic it’s called Food with Time… as there never seems to be enough time to give it the attention we wish, but we’re always working on that!!

As well as recipe writing we are both studying towards our WSET Level 3 Qualification which conveniently involves sampling lots of wine, learning about pairing, reading all the text books, and sharing our findings on @joeyandkatydrink.

How have you found the lockdown side of making content? I love that you have embraced video content, how have you found having to adapt to making videos at home? 
Thank you! It’s been a blast! There were A LOT of bloopers to edit out at the beginning but we seem to be getting into the swing of things. We had such a laugh filming “Carrot Cake Pancakes” in the style of @cookingwithshereen (our hero!) and people are embracing the Fermented Hot Sauce with gusto!! We average a bottle a week in our flat!

Name your 4 ultimate dinners party guests and tell me why they deserve a seat at your table…
Ellen de Generes… absolute power lesbian with the most infectious laugh.
David Attenborough… because, David Attenborough.
Elton John… to sing Rocket Man on repeat.
And @Cookingwithshereen… because she is FABULOUS.

Food With Time focuses on vegcentric recipes, if I came over for dinner, what sort of cuisine would you serve?
We love a themed evening and have used lockdown to “travel the world” and tackle new cuisine. While we eat a vegan and vegcentric diet during the week, we really appreciate sustainable meat or fish on the weekends. Katy found an incredible online fish market (Pesky Fish) where you receive the catch of the day 48 hrs from landing. We would recreate for you our Spanish evening with our British seafood Paella (cooked on the BBQ!) complete with Frazer’s hand-dived scallops, Matt’s rope-grown mussels, and Riverford organic veggies. All washed down with our favourite white Rioja from Wanderlust Wine. Wanderlust Wine has been another lock-down win; they sell organic and biodynamic wines form really interesting small scale producers and deliver next day.

Are there any food trends, ingredients or innovations you’re currently really excited about? What are they?
We are really enjoying nerding out on a specific grape variety or style of wine and creating a menu that brings out the best in both food and wine. We know this is the back to front way of doing things, but it keeps us on our toes!

Talk me through your day in food: Do you have time for breakfast? What’s your favourite meal?
Do we have time for breakfast?? Hell yes! At the moment we are hooked on a combo of toasted sourdough slathered with butter, my mum’s honey and tahini, sprinkled liberally with our Food with Time Dukkah… It’s the most popular recipe we’re shared to date; the video is on IGTV. But alas you can’t drink wine at breakfast, so we’ll say dinner.

Can you recommend some books, podcasts for readers that you’ve been inspired by?
We’ve both recently read Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker… a deep dive into the fascinating, nerdy, hilarious, raucous, extraordinary life of being a sommelier in New York. And whenever we hit the road we listen to the Off Menu Podcast with James Acaster and Ed Gamble – it’s always so entertaining. Our live goal is to be a guest on this podcast.

What are you most looking forward to doing once lockdown is lifted?
Drinking a proper, hand-pulled, extra cold pint of Guinness, in a proper pint glass in a proper pub. The Canton Arms in Stockwell we’ll see you on the 4th!!

And where is the first place you’ll eat out?
Katy has spoilt us rotten by booking l’Enclume in the Lake District for late July. WHAT a treat..! We cannot wait.

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