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Cooking up a storm at the Telegraph Travel Show

I was asked to be part of the Food and Wine theatre at the Telegraph Travel Show and thought this was the perfect opportunity to travel back to where I started cooking. The Middle East, Riyadh, to be precise.

When starting Social Pantry, I vowed to never stray too far from my roots. As a result, a lot of the menus I create follow the family style sharing dishes I first learnt to cook. Having been given a 45-minute lunch slot at The Telegraph Travel Show, I created the perfect feast menu with the aim of inspiring guests to run home and cook up a storm.

In Riyadh, the emphasis was on feasting and family: imagine family and friends sat around a table with tasty, colourful platters that could be tucked into until you felt you needed to lie down. The moreish flavours that come with using delicious local ingredients, when in season, meant everyone could literally feast.

At Social Pantry we are hot on new trends and identified creative condiments as the next hot thing to hit London. I took a bit of Social Pantry inspiration and adapted a few classics which can be enjoyed as pre-dinner bites, snacks or, in this instance, small plates that help make up a lovely feast menu.


I added beetroot to hummus, marmite to butter and shouted ‘all hail the labneh’ to introduce labneh as the new tzatziki. Cue one or two giggles and a lot of strange looks…I wanted to make an impact with the menu so all of the below are not only delicious, but different, fun and simple.

The salads I demonstrated are brilliant in colour, taste and texture. Perfect recipes for demonstrating and as quick as they are impressive.


Small plates

Marmite Butter with Radish Stacks

Beetroot Hummus with Homemade Focaccia

Social Pantry Style Labneh with Pistachio, Black Olive, Lemon and Mint Dressing

Main Salads

Winter Panzanella with Sourdough and Purple Carrot

Charred Radicchio, Endive, Tenderstem and Pomegranate


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