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Eating Out: Lyle’s, Shoreditch High Street, London

Lyle’s, located on Shoreditch High Street is beautifully unassuming. The stripped back and almost basic looking interior is extremely stylish with simple table settings to match. The kitchen is open with a great view of the chefs much to the excitement of the American couple next to us who couldn’t stop taking photos throughout!

Starting with a Gin and Tonic we were brought two delicious nibbles; Pigs Ears on Toast with Tarragon Mayo & Citrus Cured Bream with a Cauliflower Puree. Both fantastic. Really exciting ideas and brilliant flavours to start off the meal, this was all teamed with warm homemade sourdough and home churned butter. If the meal had only been the bread and the butter I would have been happy!

On the Menu 

Leek, Egg & Coolea

Blood Cake, Chicory & Mustard

Monkfish, Potato & Buckwheat,

Baked Cream, Blood Orange & Le Coste Olive Oil

Each course was a highlight.  The vegetarian course which was so simple yet delicious, a simple leek dish with Coolea Farmhouse Cheese and all dressed with a burnt leek oil. This definitely inspired me to be bold and strip back a dish that one step further.

The blood cake I was still talking about days after. It was a delicious take on black pudding, which to me would not normally be an overly appetising ingredient, however, this version left me wanting more and the recipe.

The fish course was Monkfish which is always a treat, it was perfectly cooked and served with Kale which cut through the rich sauce. I loved the ‘Toasted Buckwheat Vinaigrette’ which added a finishing crunch to the dish. It was a well balanced main course which didn’t leave you too full.

The dessert was incredible. Baked cream smothered in dried and segmented blood orange which popped with colour. It reminded me of a good helping of Cornish clotted cream, nothing at all wrong with that!

Highlight Dish: The blood cake really was divine. Loved the idea as much as the taste.

Takeaway: The wine list was fantastic, again unassuming yet on point, I am still on the hunt for the Reisling.

Book yourself dinner you will not regret it.


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