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Eating Out: Nuala, Old Street, London

Many years ago when I set up Social Pantry, I worked with an incredibly passionate chef called Niall. Fast forward 6 years and I was lucky enough to enjoy one of the most delicious meals at his recently opened restaurant, Nuala. It was by far the tastiest menu I have had in London to date.

I understand the passion, hard work and sheer dedication it takes to open a restaurant and am totally in ore of what Niall has created; a vibrant and stylish restaurant with an exciting menu. With the added bonus of having a Saturday night together, from beginning to the very end everything felt like such a treat. Alongside my gorgeous man we were treated to brilliant service from start to finish. We started off downstairs in the bar, with a Guinness and Manhattan. A slick cocktail is a must and these guys know exactly what they are doing. The bar serves the best Guinness in London, so be sure to leave time to enjoy a pre or post dinner drink.

Our table had a fantastic view facing the kitchen, making it all more exciting. I just love an open kitchen, the fun, the acton and the buzz that runs through, it’s contagious. Seeing the meat on the grill, to the starters being plated and called away, it almost made me want to get back into it all….almost!

With a glass of fizz and two delicious snacks, we perused the delicious menu options. With such an interesting menu it was really quite tough to choose. Having settling for the beef tartare over a sirloin main, we opted for a mixture of small plates to start and a vegetarian main to follow. Each dish totally stood out making it hard to pick one that was a clear winner. The tastiest perhaps was the crab on toast with a thin layer of lardo. The sweetbreads were just insane, the delicate texture teamed with the cauliflower rarebit was fantastic.

On the menu


Cod’s Roe Crackers

Soda Bread, Clementine and Foie


Squid, Bacon and Almond

Crab and Lardo on Toast

Beefsteak Tartare, Extra Stout Sauce, Egg Yolk and Dripping Fries

Veal Sweetbreads and Cauliflower Rarebit


Fireplace Pumpkin with Isle of Mull Cheddar and Green Sauce


Clementine Tart

Delica Pumpkin Ice Cream with Walnut


The wine list was totally on point and keeping up with the latest hot trend by having an orange wine section. We were recommended a couple of great wines by the gorgeous sommelier but ended up enjoying a skin contact, Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley. It was picked from the Wild Things section of the list and perfectly suited to our food choices, unlike any Sauvignon we’d had before it was floral, tropical and had great depth of flavour.  It was spot on…a great choice that perfectly rounded off the meal.

The desserts were incredible. The combination of the slightly spiced pumpkin ice cream and crunchy walnuts was special, and the clementine tart was divine. A light and perfectly balanced combination of custard and citrus on a perfect base, leaves you wanting more. Nuala is worth a visit just for these two desserts alone. As if we hadn’t been treated enough, we enjoyed a perfectly paired dessert wine with our pudding. Total heaven as I love dessert wine!

Niall and his team really are smashing it. I understand how hard it is and am fully aware of what it takes to make a new restaurant work. I am in total admiration of how clever the menu is, how great the service is and the brilliant atmosphere they have created. The best moment was seeing all 25-staff toasting to a great week with a glass of fizz at the end of the night.


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