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Eating Out: Relae, Copenhagen

Relae Restaurant, Copenhagen

Not knowing what to really expect from Denmark I have come away after spending two days there being a complete fan. Copenhagen is a beautiful city in so many ways and I cannot wait to head back.

Perhaps the simplicity of the flight from Gatwick is what makes Copenhagen feel so accessible. This teamed with the beautifully quiet streets and everyone cycling around made me feel in total heaven.

I arrived on Saturday afternoon and went straight for an early dinner at Relae. Wow, mind blown, I have been googling flat prices and how I can start a restaurant in Copenhagen ever since. What a treat. I was treated like a queen and loved every bite, sip and every second during my Relae experience.

The understated and very cool restaurant is welcoming and unintimidating. I was sat at the bar which overlooked the kitchen. I opted for the shorter menu with the wine pairing. God damn, from the first bite to the last it really was breathe taking.


On the menu:

Celeriac and Sesame

Oyster with Pickled Red Onion

Smoked Mussels with Brown Butter and Lemon

Squid with Wild Mushroom

Salsify with 5yr old Parmesan

Mallard Duck with Endive Cooked in Duck Fat

Served with a Duck Leg Dumplings made with yesterday’s bread

Birchwood Smoked Tea and Juniper Mousse with Ganache Chocolate


There are lots of lovely touches throughout the dinner which is what makes the experience so special. The chefs all bring out one of the courses and talk you through each dish which I loved.  The cutlery is kept in a drawer under the table for you to lay your own place setting, something I want to adopt in all my sites.

The menu was perfectly balanced, and the wine pairings were spot on. I loved the white wine served with the Salsify and enjoyed a few more glasses with my dessert. The wines were all natural which is a big trend sweeping through Europe.

It is clear why Relae is one of the best restaurants the world. I am going back as soon as I can, it is simply brilliant and very clever in many ways. The meal followed by a couple of days of cycling, sightseeing and shopping meant I was in total heaven.

Thank you Copenhagen!





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