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Eating Out – St Barts, Berlin

St Bart, Berlin, Germany

My lovey friend Charlotte and I headed off to Berlin for a weekend of fashion, food and a good few wines in early June. The main reason for the trip was to support my cousin, Freddie, who was hosting a fashion show in a warehouse in Wedding giving us the perfect opportunity to enjoy some great food and natural wines in Berlin.

With zero time to plan ahead of the trip we used MySwft to book a great hotel in Charlottenburg, and turned to instagram for some good food spot recommendations. The hotel was spot on, not only did it have a 24-hour restaurant but it was in a great location, good value and cool yet comfortable.

The fashion show was incredible. The warehouse where is was held overlooked the river and the colourful graffitied wall was the perfect backdrop for the event. Everyone was dressed in Beatrice and Fredi Von Tresckow designs which made for a very stylish evening.

On the Sunday Charlotte and I headed to the most divine little restaurant, it felt like a hybrid of St Johns in London and Manfred’s in Copenhagen. It had an all-natural wine list, a high table on the pavement looking out over the road and an exciting daily menu.

Like with all the restaurants who know what they are doing the bread and butter was heavenly, they had whipped the butter and added caraway seeds, a nice touch that I’ll be doing a version of in Soane’s. You can instantly tell when a restaurant is all about the produce as they keep it simple and it is inevitably really tasty.


Having heard rave reviews about the fried chicken we went for it, it was banging, lived up to the rave reviews and worth heading back for. I loved how understated the menu and service was, its great value for money and just shows how keeping it simple can work so well.


What we ate:

Asparagus with Hollandaise

Tenderstem  with Labneh and Hazelnut

Fried Chicken with slaw

What we drank:


Marabino, ‘Eukreka’ Chardonnay, Sicily, Italiy (2016)


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