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Eat Local In Mykonos, Greece – Top 4 Places

Eat Local In Mykonos, Greece

Eating local is one of my main aims when heading away for a few days rest bite, so when heading to Mykonos last week I tried to do the same. Having researched a few places ahead of time I had a few fun hotspots that I want to hit and combining this with recommendations from the locals meant we were in for plenty of good meals.

Having last been to Greece almost ten years ago, I could remember delicious salads, very fresh fish and slightly blurry but still delicious Chicken Slouvakis kebabs.  I was hoping for the same this time around and the salads tasted even better.  They really were delicious, the combination of salty feta and the sweet tomatoes makes a very satisfying lunch. One of my favourite beeches we helped the fishermen bring in their catch of the day and then enjoyed the most fantastic lunch of freshly grilled mackerel, it really cannot get much fresher and I loved every meal.

The Greek wine was the unexpected addition to all our meals, a great local Chardonnay and two grapes farmed in the North of Mykonos were the winning wines which perfectly rounded off all our meal s nicely.  With all our meals being enjoyed with beautiful beech backdrops or sunset views, it was no wonder I came away wanting to take 6 months out and chill in Mykonos.


1: Katerina’s Bar – Mykonos Town

Katerina’s bar sits over the water and has two balconies looking out which you can enjoy the sunset from whilst looking out over the harbour. On a cloudy day you can enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of the town and enjoy the view of the historic windmills and, if you miss the sunset the food is worth the trip,

With the water swooshing away underneath the balconies, it is a beautiful setting even just for a drink.  I enjoyed a freshly caught Calamari on our first visit, it was fresh, meaty and had the perfectly crisp breadcrumb coating, on the second visit I enjoyed an Aperol Spritz and some local olives as the sun went down.

Agion Anargiron 8, Mykonos Town, Greece

Best Bit: Grilled calamari and sunset views

2: Alemagou – Tarsanas Beach, Ftelia

Newly built, this very stylish beech, Tarsanas beach in Ftelia, alcove appears out of nowhere, when you almost think that your taxi has got it totally wrong the private beach bay opens to show Alemagou. A perfectly manicured private beech with boho style loungers, a cool, modern restaurant, young trendy locals, a DJ and sunset views. Choosing to head here on a Saturday we wanted to enjoy a day lying by the sea followed by a few cocktails at sundowners.

The staff are extremely accommodating and you can enjoy food on the beech or in the restaurant, of which we did both. The breakfast was incredible, perhaps due to the fact that you almost don’t expect a great avocado toast breakfast in Greece, I enjoyed this with a fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice while looking out over the sea. A perfect combination. Lunch was just as delicious, a wilted greens salad with tomato and feta, simple, tasty and delicious.

Despite Alemagou being slight expensive, I would definitely recommend a day here, it is clearly a trendy hot spot, full of good looking locals which only adds to the view! The staff will keep you fed and watered in style throughout.


Best Bit: The avocado toast with scrambled eggs and a fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice.

3: Nikos Tavern, Agia- Anna, Paraga Beech  

This little tucked away beech was a definite favourite of mine, past the larger beeches packed full of sun beds it is off the beaten track you finally stumble across this quiet alcove which had one of my favourite restaurants. One of the two restaurants at the back of the beech is Nikos Tavern, having been recommended it by the hotel it didn’t disappoint.

Having eaten numerous Greek salads by the end of the trip I can safely say that this one was the best, all the vegetables are grown in a garden behind the restaurant, making the tomatoes mouthwateringly juicy. We were recommended to enjoy a Greek Rose with our meal which was a fantastic treat.

On our first visit we saw, and helped, Niko himself off the fishing boat with the daily catch, which proved that daily catch on the menu really means it. I loved seeing all the catch; lobster, shrimp, mackerel and snapper. I chose mackerel to have for lunch, simply grilled and accompanied with a Greek Salad it was divine. The combination of the mackerel, salad and rose meant it was one of my favourite lunches.

Nikolas Taverna

Best bit: Grilled Mackerel & Rose

4: Eva’s Garden, Mykonos Town

The wonderful alfresco garden setting here, combined with the fact that Eva (aged over 80) is still in the kitchen cooking makes it a warming experience. I loved strolling the back streets of the town and wandering through all the alleyways past all the boutique shops to find this gem nestled away. The garden is covered with ivy and colorful overflowing hanging baskets which create the perfect setting.

I was excited to try Chicken Soulvaki again after all the years, this time it was not as a half-cut teenager at the end of a night out and tasted even better than I remember! The tzatziki was, as it should be, fantastic, deliciously creamy and fresh, as was the secret recipe pitta. The chicken has been cooked with the same recipe for 30 years and as the locals filed in, it confirmed how enjoyed the recipes are. I would advise booking here so that you can definitely secure a garden table.

Eva’s Garden

Best Bit: Chicken Souvlaki


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