From one girl boss to another: Heaps + Stacks

From one girl boss to another meet Keziah Brown, director at Heaps + Stacks  – the creative event planning agency that celebrates artists and craftspeople to produce unique, bespoke and visually stunning events. If you made it down to the Soane’s Kitchen launch in July, you will have seen a fair few people with a glamorous petal makeover – all co-ordinated by the brilliant H+S team. Following the launch, I caught up with Keziah to talk pop-up nap clubs, chroma yoga and Fempowerment…

Heaps + Stacks has produced some incredible workshops and collaborated with a lot of big name brands, where do you and the team find creative inspiration for new projects?

We are all subscribed to great newsletters that do most of the hard work for us and also I know a lot of the team are listening to podcasts all the time. As well as this we have a huge ‘creative folder’ which is basically just screen shots of interesting installations, runway shows, tech trends or just nice looking things spotted on Instagram that are stored in a chaotic but very useful fashion to help spark ideas.


The projects you work on champion artisans with a bespoke offering, what are the core values at the heart of Heaps + Stacks?
Working with talented suppliers means we can create unique and new experiences for the guests to our events whilst in turn produces something very sharable for brands. For example a few weeks back we held a Desk Feng Shui class at The Ned, where guests could learn how to style their desk for success and energy flow.


You’ve worked with some brilliant brands including Soho House, Youtube and Estee Lauder but there must have been challenges along the way, how do you overcome and learn from these?
Problems are inevitable in live events – though the best way to overcome them or ideally spot them before they happen is just to have a clear line of communication and for everyone in the team to be very transparent, flagging any concerns before they become a real issue.

 What are the biggest events trends and requests you’ve noticed in the last year and what you do predict to be big over the next six months?
At the start of this year we noticed a real interest around colour and colour theory probably riffing off exhibitions at the time like Fred Buttler and Camilla Walala at Now Gallery and Christopher Kanes rainbow drenched last show for Burberry and the fact Pride just gets bigger and better every year… as such we’ve had aura photography and chroma yoga sessions.


From one girl boss to another, what advice would you give you other women running their own business?
Stick at it, just keep chipping away, don’t give up… just keep going!


What’s your favourite thing about running Heaps + Stacks?
I’ve got a very short attention span so spinning many plates at once suits me, so I can jump from one to the next. Also because of the kind of activations we run we get to work with some of the words biggest brands and do some really fun things – like last week we were pressing seaweed for Crème De La Mer with a forager from Dorset.

Working with so many different brands and companies must mean you have to travel a lot – how do you balance work/home life?
Balance is something I have considered but haven’t yet mastered. I’m an all or nothing type person and get quite wrapped up in projects or themes! I have however just got myself an Audible subscription which means I try to get off the computer and spend time listening to a book… though I normally do end up listening to books related to work or a project I’m working on (I’m currently listening to ‘Why We Sleep’…)


Can you tell me about future plans for Heaps + Stacks?
We have just launched a selection of interesting talks which complement our creative workshops such as talks on; microdosing, Tantra, The Science Of Friendship and Fempowerment – as a few examples. We are also creating a pop up nap club as mentioned above to tour offices for forward thinking corporate companies to get the best out of their employees and for employees to feel their best at work.

Now for some down time… What do you enjoy doing to relax after a stressful day in the office?
Listen to Motown music and run… normally both at the same time.


Talk me through your day in food: What is your favourite meal?
I’m an oat addict so kick off with porridge, then try to stick to a non carbs lunch (a salad normally drowning in dressing or cheese) then I normally eat at home with my boyfriend who’s a brilliant cook… who cooks very elaborate slow cooked hunks of meat… Then I do the washing up!


Where are your favourite places to eat out and why?
So many, though eating out is more about the experience than the food for me. What’s the waiter wearing, what’s the menu printed on, how heavy is the salt and pepper shaker, what’s the wallpaper like in the bogs etc etc. Probably Zedel as it looks like a Wes Anderson film but is so cheap or Pastaio… delish food and such a nice fit out.


If I came over for lunch at Heaps + Stacks HQ, what sort of food would we eat?
We have just moved to Food Exchange in Vauxhall so lunch has just been drastically elevated from Pot Noodles to actually really delicious and healthy food


Lastly, are there any particular foods or ingredients you couldn’t live without?
So many… oats, good cheese, a cold beer (probably not at the same time).


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