Hospitality for Heroes

Hospitality For Heroes

I’m incredibly proud to be involved with Hospitality For Heroes, a not-for-profit initiative set up by the hospitality industry. Hospitality For Heroes uses local, skilled and available chefs to dedicate their free time to preparing free healthy meals for the amazing NHS frontline workforce.

The concept is simple:
DONATE via this link to #FeedTheNHS with healthy meals
SHARE a 1 minute recipe video
NOMINATE friends to do the same

Hospitality for Heroes mission, with your support and generous donations is to feed NHS workers, well and for free, whilst helping to keep hospitality alive. The first hospitals they’re supplying are St, Mary’s in Paddington, Hammersmith Hospital and Royal London in Whitechapel.

NHS COVID-19 frontline workers are not only doing a remarkable and courageous job, they’re also leaving their shifts exhausted, arriving at empty supermarkets in need of healthy food and rest.

Restaurant Chefs are being paid 80% of their wages and have free time. Restaurant Suppliers also need supporting and have the produce available.

Including the vulnerable and NHS staff, our country now have approximately 3 million people that are struggling to access healthy food every day.

We, as the collective hospitality industry, are here to help and we thank you for your kind donations.

I shared my famous Social Pantry risotto recipe (of which you can find another delicious version here) and nominated Theo Randall, Lee Westcott, Ollie Templeton and Ellis Barrie.



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