Eating Out Hot London Spots: Kudu, Quality Chop House & Native

Over the last couple of weeks I have been enjoying some of the capital’s best restaurant food offerings. From Friday lunch feasts with my SP team, dinner with friends to date night all the meals have been brilliant and are a simple reminder as to why London is on the map.

Being a restaurant owner myself, I know just what it takes to make a success of a food venture, it is hard work, dedication and a quality product that keeps you in business. I am always in awe when I visit other sites and these guys are all killing it. In a fiercely competitive market you cannot afford to be anything less than incredible, these restaurants were just that.

Top 3 Picks:


You know its good when you are still thinking about the meal a few days or a week later. From sizzling bacon lard butter, parmesan churros to Ricotta agnolotti, it was all a bikini body smashing treat. The main courses were both stand out dishes:

Confit duck, maitake, celeriac, minestra nera

Pan roasted hake, sugar snap peas, sea greens

I liked the concise wine list as much as I liked the three Negroni’s I enjoyed. With a small menu it made perfect sense to have a small wine list, a reminder to not get over excited when compiling a list.

On a packed Thursday night the restaurant had a perfectly cosy feel, with our seats facing out into the middle of the room we had a great view of the hustle and bustle. It was a nice change to sit next to each other and enjoy the theatre of the evening.

I cannot wait to go back.

Quality Chop House 

I am not sure if it was the excitement of taking a few SP’s girls out or just the fact that I was deeply hungover on a Friday and needed a drink but just from walking into Quality Chop House I knew it was going to be banging.

The victorian decor is nothing short of stunning. What a venue, consisting of two dining rooms, we sat on the church pews and got stuck in. It was a pleasure from start to end.

We had most of the snacks, sadly just missing the mackerel tail but making up for it with the lamb croquette, truffle toast, cods roe and cured egg yolk. I couldn’t resist the Burrata as a starter and loved the confit potatoes and cavolo nero side order.

The stand out two dishes:

Stichelton custard, beetroot, walnut snack

Angus mince on dripping toast – I mean Jesus Christ, when is this not going to be good…

In short it is very good quality food, served with great wines and delicious service from Joey the GM. (When you get bored come work for me Joey?!)


Since I was on a panel with the Co-Founder Imogen earlier this year I have wanted to visit Native, finally a Friday night swung round that suited perfectly. Native have landed some fantastic reviews after its relocation to Waterloo and it is no wonder why.

The concept is that everything is Native to the UK, it unites the countries best foraged food and game.  We started off with some zero waste snacks, including crispy fish skin and a delicious smoked Short Horn Ox heart Baos.

The stand out dishes

Dorset Mackerel, Salt Baked Beets, Rhubarb Ketchup, Hay Cream (n)

Fallow Deer, Caramelised Cauliflower, Carrots & Their Tops, Salsa Verde

I loved the stripped back decor, rustic tables and plate styling as much as the delicious food. We enjoyed a British White, Three Choirs which we also list at Soane’s Kitchen.



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