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Lockdown Entertaining: Socially Distant Dinner Party

Hosting a lockdown dinner party can be a fun way to get your household together and connect (virtually) with pals; I love the planning part as much as the dinner!

Planning your lockdown dinner party ahead of time with my simple steps will ensure your evening is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We’ve all got enough to worry about at the moment, your next dinner party needn’t be one more thing…

Organise your guest list
I would advise no more than 5 as otherwise it can be a bit too hectic; we’ve all experienced the chaos of mass Zoom’s and you know what they say about too many cooks…

Enjoy choosing what to cook
Discuss your food options with guests and plan in advance so that you have time to buy and prepare food. There are a number of ways you can decide on what to cook:

  1. Each guest chooses one course and everyone makes all the different courses,  this can include snacks and nibbles to start
  2. Why not include a quick cook along mid meal, for example a steak or pudding that needs assembling  
  3. The host decides what to cook, you can always compare notes, sometimes it reveals a budding chef
  4. If you do not want to cook, you can all enjoy different deliveries from restaurants or takeout. Or, have the same takeout and focus on the conversation and games!

Music makes the party
Makes sure you’re all tuned into the same playlist. I’m lucky enough to have a friend call Johnny who whipped out his decks and DJ’d our last dinner catch up. Otherwise, take it in turns to decide what to have in the background or stick to the theme of the evening.

Themed evenings
Themed evenings are a fun way to get creative in the kitchen and also provide inspiration for music and table setting. Whether that’s Mexican, Italian, French, Aussie, Fish & Chips Friday, Curry Saturday or a DIY Sushi party!

Think about your wine list & cocktail menu
A lockdown dinner party is definitely a time to enjoy a few drinks, cocktails can be fun to make as a group and I always have a bottle of tequila at the ready in case it gets wild! If everyone is picking a different course, that person can be in charge of pairing drinks – boozy but brilliant!

Last but not least… table styling!
I LOVE setting the table and making sure that it’s as beautiful as the food. There are a few simple ways to make it feel special. One trend I’m loving is pressed flowers, using these for place names or homemade menus will add that finishing touch: 

  • Candles 
  • Place mats 
  • Place names 
  • Homemade menus
  • Dress up (but keep your slippers on) 
  • Get out the lippy


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