Lockdown Kitchen: Spring Sprout & Orange Salad

Sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas. This simple but delicious Spring sprout & orange salad, created for my friends over at Hobbs, is a delightfully fresh way to enjoy one of my favourite overlooked vegetables.

Like many of us, during lockdown I’ve turned by hand to bread and pasta making (with mixed results), so my seasonal Spring sprout salad is the perfect light meal to enjoy after weeks of carb-coma. All of the ingredients will be easy to find in your local grocery store or supermarket too, which will help cut down your weekly shopping time. Visit the Hobbs website here for the full recipe.

Spring Sprout & Orange Salad

If you’re not in the mood for supermarket sprout hunting right now, don’t forget that Social Pantry Supplies is a click-away with an amazing selection of fresh and delicious meals and ingredients. To hear more about Social Pantry’s home delivery service in London, click here.


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