Hello asparagus season!

I love asparagus season and never fail to get very excited about all the wonderful recipes you can cook. And, Supporting the British farmers is essential, now more than ever. The beauty of asparagus is that is so versatile. I shared my top tips for cooking with asparagus with The Handbook but incase you missed it…

  1. Sometimes simple wins

In a pan, add a dash of good quality olive oil and cook as a single layer until lightly browned. Finish off with a knob of butter and good pinch of salt. Enjoy as a pre-dinner nibble, light snack or just when peckish. 

2. Bend & Snap…. but keep the ends

If your asparagus is young and slim you only need to wash ahead of cooking. If you are using thicker asparagus, you will want to break off the tougher end, there is a natural break point if you bend the stem. After snapping the asparagus don’t throw away the ticker part of the stem, this can be thinly sliced and used in a risotto. I used the stalks in a wild garlic and pea risotto last week and it was delicious.

3. Eat it raw

During asparagus season, fresh asparagus can taste even better raw than cooked. Shave the stalks as thinly as you can with a peeler and add to any salad this spring/summer. 

4. Avoid boiling

You can BBQ, griddle, roast, steam and even eat raw. I personally avoid boiling asparagus to keep all the goodness in.

5: Try breaded asparagus

As we have a little more time these days why not try breaded asparagus? I served mine with a sweet chilli sauce. Pane the asparagus and shallow fry; cover your asparagus in plain flour, beaten egg and then seasoned bread crumbs. Shallow fry until crispy, make sure to serve when hot. 

Feel inspired? Why not give my grilled asparagus quinoa salad recipe (below) a try for a healthy, delicious dinner this week.


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