Social Pantry meets Social Espresso

Meet Social Espresso, another little venture.

When the  brilliant Jack approached me earlier this year with his coffee idea it was tempting to say no. Being a caterer I am always using Mobile Coffee services and, a you all know bad coffee is not an option…ever. Great coffee served by a charming Barista from a stylish set up is what the London event scene love.

A few questions Jack answered as we enjoyed, a coffee of course.

When did you first realise you love coffee?

It was around 5 years ago…It was when I first started in hospitality actually.  It didn’t take long for it to go from a job that just kept me going to something I really enjoyed and passionately cared about. 

What makes the perfect coffee?

There are a number of aspects that can alter the taste of the perfect cup. For me, it has to come down to choosing the right roasters and of course, the region the coffee originated.

Social Espresso

Why do you want a career in coffee?

I love the stage we are at with speciality coffee at the moment. People seem to be choosing independent coffee shops over the big corporate giants. It definitely feels like a very exciting time to be involved in the industry.

What would be your coffee of choice?

That’s a very hard question… there are so many brilliant coffee roasters out there at the moment. I think it would have to be Horsham Coffee Roasters Work Horse.

Tell us about your coffee journey?

My first taste of coffee was in Australia. I was working in an Italian restaurant and fell in love experimenting with their coffee machine. That fuelled me to do a bit of digging and research the local coffee scene. Once I’d visited my first speciality coffee shop, I was simply blown away – It all stemmed from there really. I love how much the scene has grown and I’m excited to see how it evolves even further in the future.

Social Espresso

What is the end goal?

To take Social Espresso intonational and open my own coffee shop.    

How can we book you and your services?

You can visit our website and request a callback or email us at


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